Suggestions 3

For those of you who are new to Seven-tunes, every seven lists I come up with the best seven suggestions from the previous lists. I cobble together the feedback from the site, facebook, twitter and – that other great social networking tool – the pub. It’s hard to believe there has already been seven lists since the last reader’s suggestions compilation. Some of these lists are harder than others to compile so all the suggestions of missed songs and forgotten tunes are greatly appreciated. Please do keep them coming in.

1. Beirut – A Candle’s Fire

There was a terrific response to the Accordion list (who knew?). Caz21212 had a few recommendations and I checked out some great ‘thumping trad’ from Máirtín Ó Connor at her suggestion. Ultimately, though I like it when accordions sit somewhere in the background of a piece and this lovely tune by Beirut won out, on that basis. (suggested by caz21212 for Accordion)

2. Beastie Boys – An Open Letter To NYC

Not quite sure how I missed this one first time round. The Beastie Boys are from New York and practically every facet of city life is referenced in a loving fashion. It doesn’t get much more New York than this. RIP MCA (suggested by Damien for I love New York)

3. Waylon Jennings – Good Ol’ Boys

The Driving list was guest-written by the rather talented Jake from I have Writes so I feel justified in making a suggestion for this one myself. This, for those who don’t instantly recognise it, is the theme tune to The Dukes of Hazzard, which we can all agree is a completely realistic depiction of the Southern states of America. Darn Tootin’ (suggested by 07tunes for Driving)

4. Tom Waits – Martha
Regular reader and contributor Laura suggested this Tom Waits tune. It’s one of those classics that I never actually paid much attention to over the years, so I hadn’t realised it had a telephone theme. As Laura says “(it’s) evocative, romantic and poignant. And he says it all by calling long-distance via the operator (don’t worry ’bout the cost!)”. (Suggested by Laura Ni Cheallaigh for Telephones)

5. Shy FX – Bambatta
I somehow managed to avoid including any jungle tunes in the Birds list. Well, this should make up for it – practically the entire intro is made up of various bird calls and songs, giving an appropriately er… jungle vibe to the whole track. There’s even a lion roaring at some point. This absolutely destroyed dancefloors in 1998 and I’d imagine it probably still does. (suggested by Ross for Birds)

6. MGMT – Pieces of What
Paul suggested this song by MGMT for the Myths list. Apparently the whole thing is about the Mayan 2012 prophecies, which we can fairly confidently class as a myth at this stage. In any case, I’m assured bythe tinfoil-hat brigade that if the magnetic poles of the earth reverse all digital media will be rendered useless. So no one would be able to read this to see how wrong I am. Every cloud has a silver lining. (suggested by Paul for Myths)

7. The Specials – Ghost Town
You couldn’t really say that this song (suggested by Avril for the Ghosts list) is actually about ghosts per se. More about rising unemployment, migration and recession. Consequently it has got a very eerie feel to the whole arrangement and well… it’s got ‘ghost’ in the title, so it’s getting in. Also it’s bloody brilliant and makes a great substitution for the Irish national anthem, if you’re stuck. (suggested by Avril for Ghosts)

As always if you fancy listening to all the tunes consecutively (like an old mixtape), without having to get up and change the song all the time (like old vinyl singles) – check out the youtube playlist.


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