Hot Hot Heat

We’ve had a miserable winter, and a worse spring in my part of the world (Ireland). But after the frankly unsurprisingly dreadful weather we’ve endured, the people of Ireland have woken up to a full week of blistering sunshine. By blistering, I mean about 20 degrees Celsius. So not hot enough to say… melt chocolate, but hot enough to tempt our translucent citizens out of their (well insulated) caves to point at the mysterious yellow ball in the sky and struggle with such unfamiliar items as shorts and flip-flops. Obviously we’re not too familiar with sunshine in Ireland. As a consequence nearly all our indigenous music is best listened to in a dark pub corner with the wind howling outside. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate a decent selection of summer tunes, from further afield, when the mood (and the climate) take us. Here’s 7 that fit the bill. Hardly any of them have a summertime theme, some are old, some are new. As Alan Partridge once said ‘It really is that simple’.

1. Roy Ayers – Everybody Loves the Sunshine
You can practically hear the sun beating off the Los Angeles pavement in this wonderful slice of 70s jazz-funk. I’m not sure it’s possible to listen to this without wanting to sip a cool drink.

2. Snoop Dogg – Gin & Juice
If there’s one thing that characterises a ‘summer tune’ in most people’s minds, it’s the term ‘laidback’ and that word is repeated to great effect here. Snoop is charm personified as usual, but it’s Dre’s production that give this warmth.

3. Lou Reed – Walk on the Wild Side
There’s something about that bassline that speaks of lazy days hanging out in the park. By the time the soporific sax comes in it’s just pure summer. “Will I get an ice-cream, or just bask in the sunshine for a bit longer?” – life always seems easier in the heat.

4. Gonzaguinha – O Que É, O Que É
Thanks to Alvaro for this one. Great summertime fun from Brazil. My Portugese is er.. .limited os Gonzaguiha could well be singing about anything for all I know. He sounds happy, though and the whole thing makes me feel like eating a badly cooked burger with a well cooked forehead.

5. I Monster – Daydream
Lying “amid the flowers, for a couple of hours” is just the sort of thing that I fancy doing right now. Of course – this being Ireland – it could be snowing in a couple of hours.

6. De’Lacy – Hideaway (Deep Dish Radio Edit)
The organ sound in the background gives a really nice summer vibe to this 90s house track. I’m not sure why but I always assumed De’Lacy were a UK-based act, however they were American. Either way, this is a classic rolling track that just makes me think of late summer sunshine.

7. Tshesha Boys – Nwampfundla
Utterly infectious South African vibes from the Tshesha Boys here. If this doesn’t make you want to tap your toes and wiggle your (hopefully well covered) parts, then I’m afraid no amount of Lime in your Corona is going to make it feel like summer.

If you’d like to listen to all the tunes consecutively – you know, like an old mixtape – check out the youtube playlist.


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