What’s it all about?

Seven-tunes is a blog where I list 7 tunes that are linked (sometimes vaguely) by theme. It’s not a ‘top seven’ – just seven that I thought of, or found. Suggested additions or obvious one’s I’ve missed can be added in the comments sections.

So what’s the point?
Well, sometime in late 2011 I started thinking about mixtapes – the ones you used to make for your mates and girlfriends, or even for yourself. It’s more or less a dying art – but I still love recommending music to my friends and I wanted an outlet for that other than turning up to their houses and hijacking the stereo (I’ll still be doing that, however).

I didn’t really want to do ‘top tens’ so I was inspired by a book of Time-Out music journalism called (cringe-inducingly and actually completely inappropriately) ‘1000 songs to change your life’. It’s a great book which I would highly recommend to anyone with a broad interest in music – but for me it’s stand-out feature was a series of break-out texts detailing songs by theme (10 songs about the moon for example). I loved the idea, so here we are.

Why Seven?
Why not? It’s easier to come up with than 10 and will usually fit on one side of a memorex c60 cassette tape, if you are completely mental and fancy doing that sort of thing.


One thought on “What’s it all about?

  1. So a kind of what to listen to if you’re not listening to “Bob Dylan’s Radio Theme Time Hour” ? Cool. I know just the person who will love this. Must buy him that book too (with the cringe inducing title)

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