A child's wooden train set

Trains were one of the most important aspects of the Industrial revolution and they caught the public imagination straight away – the earliest song about trains is thought to be The Carrollton March from 1828, though there were probably even earlier folk songs. Railways … Continue reading


There are a lot of songs about stealing hearts, stealing away love and even a couple about stealing the limelight – but those aren’t on this list. This is a selection of songs about pure (dis)honest-to-goodness robbin’ and thievin’. By the … Continue reading


I’m proud of my hometown, though like most Dubs, I despair of the place on a fairly regular basis. Usually when walking down one of our many filthy streets. ‘Dirty Old Town’ is actually about Salford in the UK, but … Continue reading


Boo! It being the season for ‘things that go bump in the night’ – I started to look into a  general Halloween themed list. As is often the case when putting these things together it quickly became apparent that the focus needed to be … Continue reading